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“Philip is an experienced hunter who knows how to deal with your pest problem.”


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Be it rabbits, hares, goats or possums,Philip Mitchell can deal with your pest problem! He has over 40 years hunting and shooting experience and helps you deal with your pest problem.

“Growing up in Central Otago meant we always had a .22 in our hands,” says Philip. Nine years in the services further honed Philip’s firearms skills and appreciation of safety.

“Philip says he spent his youth rabbit shooting, and also did a lot of hunting on ducks, goats, pigs and deer. He considers himself to be safe around firearms and an ethical hunter.”


Pukekos can be fun guys to have around but they can also be a highly destructive pest to new plantings and an aggressive predator – responsible for killing large numbers of ducklings, and other baby birds.

They are protected by the Game Bird Regulations but if they are problematic at your place Phil can apply for a special permit to dispose of them through shooting, at any time of the year.

They are a highly intelligent bird and adapt rapidly to any hunting. Phil can hit them hard and hit them quickly, rapidly reducing any given population before they can become wise to what is going on.



Kapiti Rabbit & Pest Control uses hunting to control pests, and also non-lethal (ie non-pain causing) trapping when required. These are some of the customer reviews.


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